Our Roadmap

  • DEZ 2021

    Leave our Mark on FTM

    Creating an ERC-721 based smart contract to provide NFT ownership of our OG collection, sold out in less than 24 hours we are proud of what we achieved, and this was only the beginning.

  • DEZ 2021

    Get Feedback

    As we kept growing our community, we gathered feedback and took our time to prepare a scaled and structured plan in our minds and in the digital form to start working on it.

  • Dez 2021

    Grow our Chimpgang

    Through our Xmas collection, various partnerships
    and other social engagements we grew to an
    incredible size in a short time, which also is
    represented in a stable and marginally market
    dependend floor price of our collection.

  • Jan 2022

    Checking, reviewing, improving

    Our team came together often during the winter holidays to express desires, ideas and innovations on how to increase our value as a NFT project and therefore the value our NFTs
    have to our community.

  • Jan 2022

    Adding new pieces

    The BCG lottery was a first timer for all of us, we had
    never done that but wanted to experiment with a new
    form of collection creating and so it was born, we
    acknowledged the problems that arose during this.
    period, and learned from it.

  • FEB 2022


    Together with our Fantom Blockchain partner NOVA
    Finance we created the NGG collection for them. It
    minted out incredible fast, and we were happy to see
    our Chimps in new fashion and looks! Nova took
    ownership of the contract after the mint-out and kept
    improving utility on their own terms.

  • Mar 2022


    As we did not stop monitoring the NFT scene as.
    a whole, we also kept our eyes on the most
    successful Collections and projects, so we could
    learn from them and implement new technical
    properties to our ChimpGang, hence the EVOs
    got born. 11 mutations and a public mint were
    launched, and our artist once again proved her
    incredible talent.

  • May 2022

    Game on

    Long term success demands long term
    investment and commitment from our valued
    community. DeFi was uncertain at that point
    of time, and we decided to move to GameFi
    development, as we had already a dev team
    that was eager to set their foot into this new
    era. This will be a huge step for BCG.

  • Jul 2022

    Expansion of Ideas and Phylosophy

    As we have gathered a lot of knowledge, have witnessed projects come and go and dug into causes why that has happened, we want to expand into something bigger down the road. Host collections, create incentives for artists, and make our community the best (biggest?) in the FTM space.

  • Sep 2022

    Outlook into the Future

    The crypto space is changing fast, in directions we like and don't, that is out of our hands. But we believe strongly in it, whoever the winner will be and however many exist ot the "end". We want and need our community for this journey, and future decisions, big and small, will incorporate their engagement. This goes from naming to utility creations and everything you, and we, can think of.