Our Roadmap

Our NFT project, BabyChimpGang, has come a long way since its spectacular launch in December 2021, when we sold out within a mere 24 hours. This ignited our passion and spurred us into a series of successful collaborations. We have always taken criticism to heart, which has enabled us to continuously improve our offerings. Since then, we’ve released five well-received collections that have captivated the NFT community. Now, as we venture into the exciting realm of GameFi, we stand on the cusp of launching our very own game. Our unwavering commitment to progress and innovation ensures that BabyChimps will continue to thrive and evolve in the ever-changing NFT landscape.

September 21, 2021

An idea is born

Witnessing the emerging space of Non-Fungible Tokens, we wanted to provide our own Collection to the masses to increase value storage and create something lasting. Hence, the BabyChimpGang was born.

An idea is born
December 3, 2021

Initial Launch

BCG launched on December 3rd 2021. We sold out in less than 24 hours and were left speechless. Our Chimps were present all over social media and we received uplifting feedback. 1111 Chimps found their way into our member's wallets and a giant leap was made.

December 7, 2021

Doing Good

We used 10% of our earnings to support a chimpanzee care center in the US. They provide shelter and a relaxing environment for the primates to flourish in. This was our way of giving back something for the greater good.

Doing Good
December 22, 2021


We also wanted to give something back to our community and decided to airdrop a costum made christmas collection to our OG holders. The exact amount of airdropped XMAS Chimps was also purchasable and sold out in a matter of hours. 

February 16, 2022


Coming up with new ideas to increase commitment and keep our community busy is non-negotiable. Our BCG Lottery was the first web3 lottery on Fantom. We gifted tickets to our holders and sold them via our website, so everyone that wanted to join outside BCG had a chance to win sweet prices.

March 17, 2022


The lottery prices consisted out of various partner NFTs, merchandise and our main price, 5 unique and animated BCG Heroes. Each one had their own backstory and outstanding artwork that separated them from the main BCG collection. The winners of those NFTs also got some further advantages down the road, if they decided to hold onto them.

April 3, 2022

Partnerships ✅

Throughout the first 6 months of BCG we partnered with various projects to give them a place where they can share their ideas and vision and know they we'll be heared.

Partnerships ✅
April 15, 2022

Nova X BCG

Togethere with NOVA, a FANTOM marketplace. We created a collection just for them, they loved our Chimps and wanted something that would stand out. So we designed a special collection of 444 NovaChimps which sold out in just 4 hours. They took full ownership after the last one was sold.

Nova X BCG
April 1, 2022


As our vision always was to increase value inside the project itself, we created our own ecosystem token, $BNA. A full "bluepaper" was created, published and the first airdrop to all eligible collection holders took place at the first of April.

April 15, 2022


With our talented development staff, we created a mechanism to evolve existing OG Chimps into our EVO collection, while maintaining the original. New and aggressive artworks made our Chimps stand out once more and brought some fresh wind into the Fantom NFT scene.

July 22, 2022

Going META

We were approached by Rove, who just launched a decentralized metaverse on the Fantom Blockchain, adn asked if we would like to grant our valued holders early access to it. This led to our first ever metaverse party being hosted in our Chimpverse and live-streamed into Discord.

Going META
March 23, 2020


Given current degressive market conditions we launched a multi-chain free mint for everyone who had not yet made contact with the BabyChimpGang. Our FTM and AVAX collections minted out in nothing more than 3 minutes and brightinged up the mood inside the NFT space. 

November 1, 2022


Creating a GameFi application was always on our list and therefore our BCGRumble was born. A beautiful minigame with fun mechanics and strategy aspects involved. Our Beta was opened to a selective list of users to gather feedback and improve it on all edges. Development is still in full swing, and we will continue to do so.

April 19, 2023

Non costodial staking

Together with NovaBlox we launched a non costodial staking platform for our community holders. They were able to stake their Chimps on the NovaBlox platform to earn a reward in form of NovaTokens. This meant users were now able to put their NFT to use while they are waiting for the official game launch.

Maintaining Focus

At our core, we are committed to the long-term success of our project. Currently, our main focus is on our GameFi application, BcgRumble. We strive to differentiate ourselves from other games by offering a unique blend of fun, transparency, and social interactions. Our roadmap includes exciting features such as tournaments, a betting system, and more. While specific dates are yet to be finalized, our team is working tirelessly to bring these enhancements to life. We remain dedicated to delivering an unparalleled gaming experience that will captivate our users.


Our thrilling turn-based 2D mini game that merges blockchain technology and Web3 integration. Prepare to embark on an exciting journey where your strategic prowess reigns supreme. Command your unique NFT chimps, each with their own rarity and special abilities, as you battle against opponents in a quest for victory.

In BcgRumble, the stats of your chimps are determined by their rarity, but it's your strategic choices that will make all the difference. Carefully plan your moves, assess your opponents' strengths and weaknesses, and execute calculated tactics to secure your triumph. With every battle, you'll refine your skills and learn the art of outsmarting your rivals.

Further implemenations

As the game is developed continuously, we'll be introducing a Wager Mode in the future, where you can bet $FTM and $BNA on battles to win big. Plus, brace yourself for the adrenaline-fueled Hardcore Mode, where NFTs are at risk. Prepare for intense gameplay and stay tuned for these exciting updates!

Global tournaments

Live hosted tournaments will also be part of the BCG-Experience. Engage in global battles, compete for prizes in $FTM or $BNA, and join our vibrant community in epic showdowns. Stay tuned for updates and get ready to take your gaming experience to the next level! This will further increase the social value of our game, as we want to be part of the action as well. There is no launch date on this feature just yet, but we will keep you posted in our social channels as usual.