The BabyChimpGang is a fully minted collection of 1.111 unique chimpanzee NFTs build on the Fantom Opera blockchain!


#REKT BabyChimps


Introducing the BabyChimpGang!

The origin BabyChimpGang NFT collection was launched in December 2021 and sold out in 24 Hours. 10% of the profits were donated to charity. Holders of a BabyChimp got a special Xmas Chimp airdropped. Click here to see BCGX – Our Christmas Collection.

Roadmap - BCG

February 2022 - BCG Lottery

Launching in early February, 5 special animated BabyChimps will be raffled among all lottery ticket holders. Despite being ultra rare and having an amazing artwork, all 5 chimps will have future utility bonuses. Keep your eyes on Twitter and Discord for further announcements!   

February 2022 - BCG Lottery

March 2022 - BCG X NOVA

BCG X Nova Finance is an exclusive collection of 444 NovaChimps especially designed for NovaFinace! The collection sold out in less than 3 hours and further development is now in the hands of the Nova Finance team.

March 2022 - BCG X NOVA

April 2022 - Launch of BCG Utility TOKEN

By creating a token for the BCG ecosystem we want to establish the base layer for all upcoming DeFi applications. To ensure a fair distribution we decided to airdrop BCG tokens to BCG holder. Still not in the gang? Click here to buy a BabyChimp on the secondary marketplaces.  

April 2022 - Launch of BCG Utility TOKEN

April 2022 - BCG Evolutions

All BabyChimps of the first collection will have the ability to evolve. We don't want to spoil too much, but it's gonna be an epic transformation. 

April 2022 - BCG Evolutions

June 2022 - First GameFI Application

The first GameFI app will bring life to your BCG NFTs. First release will focus on the ability to use your BCG in a game. The end-goal is to implement the possibility to earn BCG tokens while playing!

June 2022 - First GameFI Application


Check our Twitter and Discord for upcoming launches!


View your BabyChimpEvo

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The following F.A.Q should cover the most important questions about the BabyChimpGang. If something is still unclear feel free to join the gang on discord and twitter.

Fantom Opera allows fast transactions and close to zero gas fees. These attributes ensure a smooth and cheap minting experience. Additionally, the NFT space on Fantom has boomed in recent months with a variety of great projects that impressively demonstrate the capability of the blockchain. 

We decided on this particular number to give everyone a chance to mint a BabyChimp, but at the same time keeping the supply comparatively low to maintain some level of rarity. There will never be more than 1111 origin BabyChimps!

Yes! When you own a BabyChimpGang NFT, all commercial rights are yours. Feel free to do whatever you want with your chimp.

With BCG, we want to establish a long-lasting and quality brand in the NFT space. The constant involvement of the community and a smooth mint process is our top priority. Further projects are already in the pipeline and we can say that the sooner you become a part of the gang, the more it will pay off. Check out our roadmap and our Twitter and Discord to keep updated. 

You can go to various marketplaces like NFT-Key or Paintswap and buy a BabyChimp there.

BabyChimpGang 2022



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